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Tired of sending endless money transfers?
Get a healthcare plan for your loved ones instead.

We make sure your hard-earned money actually goes where you intend.

Affordable Care

Save 4-5x on medical expenses each year by getting health coverage at a lower price than paying out of pocket.

Trusted Partnerships

We partner with insurance companies in Africa with years of experience and solid reputations.

24/7 Emergency Support

Our customer care teams are available for you and your loved ones wherever, whenever.

The Best Providers

Our network of providers all over Africa is bringing better care closer to the ones you love.

Recognized and backed by


Simple, accessible and transparent care for your loved ones back home


Doctor Consultations

Unlimited consultations with general & specialist physicians.

Dental, Optical & Tests

Dental care, optical treatment of any conditions and lab tests.

Prescription Delivery

Enjoy free country-wide medicine delivery, direct to your doorstep.


How FleriHealth works

Subscribe your loved ones a health coverage plan in four easy steps and ensure they get care from the right provider every time.


Don’t take our word for it

Here’s what our customers have to say about us.


The best care plans no matter where they live


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Comprehensive Care

This plan offers the most robust set of health benefits to your loved ones including the cover for consultations, surgeries, lab service and admissions.

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At-Home Care

This plan ensures care beyond the hospital. With a dedicated nurse to provide home based care, we help you stay on top of your loved ones care.

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Telehealth Care

Conveniently provide access to the same quality care your loved ones deserve without the burden of travel, long queues or time limites 24/7.



Prescription Care

Conveniently pay for prescriptions and medications for your loved ones back home and they get free medication delivery every time.

We are in partnerships with first rate insurance and healthcare providers across Africa



Protect your loved ones. Save Money.

Pick a plan. Add a beneficiary. Enjoy peace of mind