Get your family access to the best healthcare providers in Africa

Compare and buy health insurance for your loved ones back home in Africa and sleep better at night knowing your family is protected 24/7. 

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Find the right health insurance plans to protect your family.

    How Fleri Works

    Made for immigrants by immigrants, it takes just a few simple steps for maximum peace of mind.

    • 1. Fill out an application

      Tell us who you want to provide healthcare coverage for. This could be close relatives or family members that depend on you.

    • 2. Compare Plans and Benefits

      Tell us what you can afford and what health benefits your loved ones need. We'll help you find the best health insurance policy to provide adequate coverage for them.

    • 3. Complete secure payment

      Select the right policy for your loved ones and set up your secure premium payments. Manage your policies, premium payments and get help right from our online portal.

    Why Choose Fleri ?

    • Piggy
      Affordable Premiums

      With flexible premium options, save more money each year by getting better coverage at a lower price than you'll get paying out of pocket. A smart way to protect those you love and your wallet.

    • Peace of mind
      Peace of Mind

      Stop paying money transfer fees for each health emergency and sleep well at night, knowing that no matter what happens, your loved ones are protected 24/7. 

      Pre-existing Conditions Covered

      Your relatives may have conditions that have never been diagnosed. Our plans do not require conditional medical examinations and cover pre-existing conditions when declared.

    • Trusted
      Reputable Insurance Coverage

      Buy policies from the largest insurance companies in Africa with years of experience and solid reputations providing coverage throughout the continent.

    • Facilities
      Wide health provider network

      We partner with first-rate health service providers including hospitals, clinics, specialists, and support staff to ensure that your loved ones have access to the best quality care wherever they are.

    • Support
      24/7 support

      We know how important it is to have someone on your side when there is an emergency. We have customer care teams right here in the United States and in the countries where we operate.

    Don't take our word for it

    Save money and get peace of mind while providing quality healthcare care for those you love. 

    "Travelling abroad doesn't mean the end of my responsibilities back home, in a way it's an increase in my responsibilities. Paying for health insurance ensures my parents have access to the best doctors anytime they need it and this gives me peace of mind to do everything else."

    Abena Kyei, New York

    "I remember having to look for an open western union after midnight because my mother had been rushed to the hospital. The hospital demanded payment before any treatment and that was my worst nightmare. I have health insurance here in the US so why shouldn't the parents who raised me?"

    Habib, Texas

    "Gone are the days of trying to find a referral to a doctor back home. My premiums are safely paid from my credit card and my wife and kids can visit any hospital they prefer without paying anything out of pocket"

    Lawrence, Kansas City

    "I get calls from my cousins all the time asking for money for one illness or the other and it seems they pick the moment right after my paycheck hits. Putting them all on a family health plan saves me money and from feeling guilty. I now know exactly where my money is going to! "

    Rahma, Seattle

    Choose from first-rate industry leading insurance providers

    Get your family access to the best healthcare providers in Africa

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    Always here to support you.

    We don’t do complicated, automated systems. We have people around the world ready to serve you. Whenever you need it.
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    Frequently asked questions

    Fleri is good for your wallet...

    And even better for those you love.


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