We help immigrants support their loved ones with confidence

Starting with healthcare, Fleri directs remittance funds into the health services your families need back home.


What Fleri offers

A frictionless way to for immigrants to provide private health insurance for their families abroad, enabling millions of people in emerging countries to access quality healthcare.

Why choose Fleri

Improving access to quality healthcare for the world's most vulnerable

As immigrants we all experience first hand how unstable and inaccessible healthcare is for the people we grew up with and love back home.

For years, we've suffered through the early morning calls from relatives with bad news of our loved ones in a life or death situation or the frequent requests for money to cover a health bill.

So we are finally doing something about this, in partnership with all of you with loved ones back home regardless of where home is. For immigrants, by immigrants.

Protect your loved ones. Save Money.

Pick a plan. Add a beneficiary. Enjoy peace of mind

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