African Friendly Colleges In America.

published on 18 June 2021
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Several things come to mind when planning to study in the United States of America (USA). Among these is the task of picking a school which can be a bit overwhelming. What makes it challenging is that one has to choose from a list of over 4,000 colleges and universities. So how do you even start?   

For some Africans, preference is for colleges that are strongly anti-racist. Racial discrimination does exist. So being in a college that stands against such helps smoothen the academic journey in the USA. 

Other Africans consider colleges and universities with the most affordable tuition packages and high graduation rates for black people. This factor is crucial to consider because you want to study without challenges and eventually graduate.  

However, race and tuition are just some of the factors to consider. Getting an enriching American education entails more. For starters, you will want to consider colleges with the friendliest environments for African students.  

Top African-friendly colleges in America are racially and ethnically diverse. According to best college review, “Students educated in racially and ethnically diverse settings perform better academically and reap greater professional success than peers from more homogeneous learning environments. The advantage of a multicultural education extends far beyond the classroom and professional life.” 

Here is our list of a few universities/colleges you may want to consider for your American education experience. These colleges are considered very friendly to diverse racial groups and nationalities, Africans inclusive.  

Stanford University: Founded in 1891, Stanford University is among the world’s leading research universities. The institution is ethnically diverse and boasts of cultural and ethnic clubs that will meet your needs as an African. Stanford thrives on the words of the founder, Jane Stanford, who insisted on keeping open an avenue for the deserving and exceptional to rise. 

University of California – Berkeley: This is another good university you may want to consider for your American education. UC Berkeley is a leading university that places a strong emphasis on inclusivity of all nationalities and races. It may also interest you to note that the university has an enriching multicultural centre, multicultural education program, African American student development centre, Gender Equity, and staff initiatives for diversity. 

Andrews University: This is arguably the best faith-based educational institution in the USA. Andrews University offers its students “distinctive ethnic and cultural diversity opportunities that equip them to understand better, serve and change the world around them in God-centered, thoughtful and meaningful ways.” – Best college reviews

Georgia State University: This is one of the largest public universities in America. It comprises a large population of more than 32,000 students. Statistically, the population is 40.8% African-Americans, 28.8% Whites, 11.9% Asians, and 9.3% Hispanics/ Latinos. Furthermore, the university boasts of a range of scholarship programs for minority groups. They also have a multicultural centre dedicated to education about diversity. 

University of Houston: This University houses many ethnic groups. These include; Asians, Arabs, Blacks, Russians, African-Americans, and others. What is more intriguing is how each of these groups has the liberty to thrive at the university. There are also many clubs and cultural groups to enrich your educational experience.  

It is impossible to exhaust all the colleges in the USA in just one piece. We, however, hope that you will find value from our list above. To learn of other colleges that are friendly to Africans, you can read reviews by huff post, best colleges, US news, Money, and Essence.  

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