What your loved ones get

A super easy way to access life saving care, prescription delivery and life cover all with any mobile phone.


How Fleri Works

Fleri gives your loved ones back home the gift of a better life with a health care coverage plan that works best for them. Your loved ones can access the care they need, free of charge, provided by those who love them most. Fleri believes in changing the way your loved one receives care and helps them take an active approach to manage their health.


About Easy Care

EasyCare is a super-easy way to access life-saving care, prescription delivery, and life coverage with any mobile phone., providing 24/7 health care access to your loved ones throughout Ghana and Nigeria. With flexible plans, save money each year by receiving health coverage at a lower price than paying out of pocket.


Why Choose EasyCare ?


Fleri EasyCare Services

With EasyCare, health care services are just a phone call away, giving your loved ones greater peace of mind when it comes to their health. EasyCare provides various health care services depending on the plan you chose.


Telemedicine delivers health care services or consultations 24/7 to the beneficiary at an originating location, such as their home, from the licensed health care provider at a distant location. This service provides real-time, two-way interactive audio and visual communications, allowing your loved ones to receive the care they need, when they need it.

Medication Prescription and Fulfillment Coverage

Your beneficiary will receive a specified amount to help pay for medications prescribed by a health practitioner - no need to send money every time a loved one has to go to the pharmacy.

Hospital Care

If hospitalized, your beneficiary will receive access to skilled medical professionals who are always available, providing timely treatments and care - giving you comfort knowing your loved one won’t have to wait for care.

Life Insurance

EasyCare offers a predetermined, one-time payout upon the death of a beneficiary.

Disability or Partial Disability Coverage

Disability coverage replaces a portion of the beneficiary’s income if injury or illness prevents them from working, providing your loved ones some level of income replacement due to the inability to work.


How EasyCare Works



Don't take our word for it.

Get peace of mind and save money while providing quality healthcare for those you love.

  • Travelling abroad doesn't mean the end of my responsibilities back home, in a way it's an increase in my responsibilities. Paying for a health plan that ensures my parents have access to the best doctors anytime they need it and this gives me peace of mind to do everything else.
  • I remember having to look for an open western union after midnight because my mother had been rushed to the hospital. The hospital demanded payment before any treatment and that was my worst nightmare. I have health insurance here in the US so why shouldn't the parents who raised me?
  • Gone are the days of trying to find a referral to a doctor back home. My premiums are safely paid from my credit card and my wife and kids can visit any hospital they prefer without paying anything out of pocket.
  • I get calls from my cousins all the time asking for money for one illness or the other and it seems they pick the moment right after my paycheck hits. Putting them all on a family health plan saves me money and from feeling guilty. I now know exactly where my money is going to!

Give your loved ones care from the best doctors back home.


In partnership with first rate insurance providers across Africa

1What is Fleri?
Fleri is a marketplace where you can compare and buy health insurance policies for your loved ones back in your home country. We partner with the best Health Insurers in your home country to provide affordable health insurance plans that best fit your budget and provides maximum coverage for your loved ones.
2How does Fleri compare to sending remittances?
  1. With Fleri, your family back home is covered with all their health benefits throughout the year while you pay flexible and affordable monthly premiums.
  2. Your family back home gets access to quality healthcare including regular medical checkups and do not have to wait for emergencies before visiting the hospital.
  3. Fleri shows you exactly where your premiums are going to and ensures that your loved ones get the care they need so emergencies don't happen often.
  4. In the unfortunate case of health emergencies, your family has access to immediate care without needing to pay out of pocket or go find money.
  5. With no high fees and exchange rates to deal with, we're changing the way immigrants support their loved ones back home.
3In what countries does fleri operate in?
Currently Fleri has offices in Ghana and the United States but our platform allows you to provide health insurance coverage to loved ones in 54 countries within Africa except in Somalia, Northern Mozambique, Congo and Northern Sudan.
4Is fleri an insurance company?

No, Fleri is a health insurance marketplace where you can compare and buy insurance plans for your loved ones back home.

We enable immigrants to provide quality healthcare for their families back home through a frictionless, reliable and secure health insurance exchange.

5What healthcare providers are available in my loved one's country?
We partner with the best health insurance companies in the countries we provide coverage in such as Glico Health Insurance, Nationwide Insurance, Premier Mutual Health Insurance to provide access to: Trust Group, Lister Hospital, Ghana Canada, Nyaho Clinic, Rabito Clinic, Eurocare Diagnositics and Healthcare amongst others.
6How much do health insurance policies cost?
Our policies range from $400 to $1500 per year for each person insured. This will depend on the age, gender, benefit level and the type of provider desired.

How do I pay you?

With industry-leading technology that protects your money and guarantees peace of mind everytime.

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