You Ask — We Tell

We get asked these questions a lot so we hope this helps. 

  • Is Fleri an insurance company?

    No, Fleri is an insurance marketplace where you can compare and buy insurance plans for your loved ones

    and family back home in Africa. The health insurance coverage purchased through Fleri is provided by

    licensed health insurance company within each country where we provide coverage.

  • My loved one is older than 59, can I still get them coverage?

    Yes, there's no age limit with the coverage available on our platform however insurance companies maintain the

    right to change these provisions.

  • Will my loved one's insurance be cancelled if his/her health changes?

    No. Once your loved one has coverage; you can keep it for renewable durations of the policy (usually 12 months)

    and have no limit on age as long as premiums are paid.

  • What are the exclusions?

    Aside from common exclusions such as injuries endured as a result of an attempted suicide, most insurace will have exhaustive lists of exclusions included with their policy documents.

  • How do I apply?

    Fill out an application using this link and we'll get back to you right away.

  • In what countries does Fleri currently operate?

    Fleri's platform allows you to provide health insurance coverage to loved ones in 54 countries within

    Africa except in Somalia, Northern Mozambique, Congo and Northern Sudan.

  • If I answer "yes" to any of the health questions, can my loved one still be approved?

    Yes, we review each application carefully and verify information povided with the beneficiary before submitting to the insurance companies for underwriting. Those with certain known medical conditions are often approved.

  • How long does it take for a policy take to go into effect.?

    Every policy purchased goes into effect on the 1st day of the ensuing month. ( e.g: if a policy was bought on the 4th of January, it will go into effect on 1st of February.

  • What if I apply today but change my mind later?

    You may cancel an application anytime within 30 days after purchase or until the policy goes into effect (which ever comes first).