Fleri: Healthcare for those you love back home.

Fleri is bringing personalized healthcare access funded by the diaspora to loved ones wherever they live in Africa, starting with Ghana and Nigeria.

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    Ghana Plans

    From $43.50
    Get access to top-rated hospitals and doctors across Ghana
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    Nigeria Plans

    From $28.50
    Get access to top-rated hospitals and doctors across Nigeria

Give more than just money to those you love.

Money transfers are costly, slow, and lack transparency.

  • 40% cheaper vs. out-of-pocket

    Insurance companies pay the negotiated rate for health services, unlike out-of-pocket payments which have no discounts and cannot be negotiated.

  • 90% faster than $$$ transfer

    When it comes to saving a loved one in a medical emergency. Having, a pre-paid health plan could mean choosing life over death

  • 100% peace of mind

    Knowing that those you love back home are safe, insured, and covered means giving yourself the peace of mind to take care of yourself and your family abroad.

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