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Glico Healthcare - Ghana

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GLICO Healthcare is a subsidiary company of GLICO Group. The Company was established in 2004 following the enactment of the National Health Insurance Act, 2003 (Act 650), which has now been replaced by Act 852.

GLICO Healthcare is one of the foremost private Health Insurance companies to be established in Ghana. Over the past Fifteen years, it has provided medical cover to a large number of customers including international agencies, Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations, corporate bodies, students, tourists, individuals and families in Ghana.

The Company’s objective is to offer the generality of the Ghanaian public competitive and quality healthcare through a network of reputable service providers, including private hospitals and clinics, Government hospitals, Mission hospitals, Optical centers, Dental clinics and Pharmacies.

GLICO Healthcare is guided in its operations by best industry principles and practices to ensure that it provides quality health care to its enrolled members. It has one of the highest quality assurances particularly regarding opening hours of health facilities, waiting times, cleanliness at health facilities, emergency treatments, customer care at health facilities among others.

The Company has a highly skilled and motivated management team and staff, state-of-the-art information communication technology systems, and a large asset base and financial strength that enable it to meet its financial commitments and sustain its growth.

It provides innovative products, efficient and effective customer service through an extensive network of area and agency offices nationwide in addition to a well-resourced Call Center. 

Premier Health Insurance - Ghana

Premier health insurance Premier health insurance

Premier Health Insurance is an accredited Private Commercial Health Insurance Scheme under the National Health Insurance Act 2012 (852), of the Republic of Ghana and is licensed by the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA).

We meet all the regulatory and prudential requirements in the country. The company which initially operated as a Private Mutual Health Insurance Scheme changed to a Private Commercial entity to meet regulatory requirements. We are a leading health insurance company with over 50,000 clients across the country.

As a health insurance company, Premier Health’s operation is geared towards the benefit of its cherished members.

The Company offers a comprehensive range of products whose benefits encompass surgeries, specialist and general consultations, generic and proprietary drugs, dental and optical care, diagnostic scans, and laboratory investigations among other services.

Our strong conviction of affordable and quality healthcare for all positions us to stand as your bridge to the access of premier healthcare in Ghana. The Company offers different products to suit the needs of all employer groups and other groupings in the country. We stand to ensure that the best of healthcare is made available to all insured members.

We provide health insurance coverage for Staff and dependents of Corporate Institutions, Workers on Government Payroll, identifiable groups in Ghana, and individuals. These products are specially designed for both the working class and the informal class in society.

It affords employers the opportunity to provide comprehensive health insurance coverage for employees and their dependents, hence keeping them safe and sound for good productivity.

Our services are available through a dependable network of Service Providers located in all ten regions of Ghana. 

Nationwide Medical Insurance -Ghana

Nationwide image Nationwide image

Nationwide Medical Insurance is a Private Commercial Health Insurance Company duly registered under the laws of Ghana and licensed by the National Health Insurance Authority [NHIA] to provide health insurance plans to corporate entities, groups, associations, and individuals.

Nationwide offers to its cherished clients an array of superior and unrivaled quality healthcare benefits by maximizing the available healthcare facilities in Ghana and beyond via effective risk management at all levels of cover. 

Reliance HMO - Nigeria

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Reliance HMO is a technology-driven health insurance company that has integrated technology into every sphere of health-care management. The company started in 2017 with a vision of using technology to make insurance accessible and easy to use. 

OracleMed Health - Africa

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OracleMed Health meets the dynamic demands of your healthcare needs offering access to quality and World-class Healthcare.

The Financial Security of our Insurance Partners together with our Knowledge and understanding of healthcare treatment across the Continent of Africa will allow for a sound and sustainable Healthcare Solution:

  • 24-hour Medical Call Centre and International Help Line to offer advice and assistance.
  • Seamless and Excellent Service at every interaction.
  • Worldwide hospital network of 3200 hospitals.
  • Established partnerships with 7000 providers across Africa.
  • All claims paid at incurred costs and by the direct settlement to Providers.
  • Full cover for medical evacuations and in-hospital treatment for medical emergencies in the home country or when traveling abroad.
  • Full cover for non-emergency hospital treatment in the home country or offshore.
  • Hospitalization in world-class hospitals.
  • Benefits include airfare and accommodation for patients and third-party accompaniment.
  • Dedicated Client Relationship Manager to ensure that we deliver on all aspects of our offering.
  • The account manager is assigned to ensure the smooth operation of the scheme 

Cigna Global - Worldwide

Wellbeing index m Wellbeing index m

Whatever your health insurance needs, Cigna's International Medical Plans can be tailored to meet them, while always offering a global support network of hospitals and medical professionals.

Whole health is a new way to think about the care that allows Cigna to look at the full picture. To widen its scope, to acknowledge the full spectrum of factors that make up who you are and how you feel at any given time. So that, ultimately, we can help people live their lives in full – the good, the bad, and every moment in between, knowing that you are supported in every aspect of your world.  

All plans offer :

  • Medical care essentials, including hospitals stays and treatments
  • Flexible plans tailored to your needs and budget
  • Priority access to support from Cigna doctors and nurses
  • Whole health care support through a range of tools, product, and solutions
  • A digital portal to securely store important documents 

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