International Health Insurance

International Medical Insurance provides essential cover for inpatient, day patient, and accommodation costs, as well as cover for cancer, mental health care, and much more outside of their home country. 

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  • Affordable, comprehensive coverage

    Up to $20,000/yr in healthcare coverage. 

    Healthcare coverage includes both outpatient and inpatient limits, medical consultation, pharmacy, lab tests and surgeries, etc.

  • Comprehensive, inclusive care

    Known pre-existing conditions covered

    Medical conditions that occured prior to purchasing a policy on Fleri will not be automatic grounds for disqualification

  • Simple, reliable health coverage

    No deductibles or co-pays

    All insurance companies on the Fleri marketplace fulfill claims by direct settlement. This ensures that your loved ones do not have to worry about filing claims or chasing reimbursements.

  • $0 annual check-ups.

    $0 annual check-ups.

    Most medical plans offer 100% coverage for in-network, annual preventive care appointments.

Get quotes from first-rate international health insurance carriers

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